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Services Provided

CAPS - Atlanta is a comprehensive psychological service, providing counseling, seminars, evaluations, and clinical supervision.


We provide individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults starting at age five years. Providers use an eclectic approach with a strong emphasis on cognitive behavioral, play therapy, and solution focused techniques. Family therapy is often provided in conjunction with individual child and adolescent therapy as it is imperative to include a child's environment in his/her positive change. Couples therapy is offered to partnerships that struggle in various areas such as financial, infidelity, communication, and general relationship issues. Group therapy is offered periodically throughout the year in small groups that address topics such as anger management, behavioral management, self-esteem, and social skills building.

Psychological / Psychoeducational Evaluations

Dr. Johnson conducts evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults.  Types of testing provided includes psychological and psychoeducational testing (children and adolescents). Psychological evaluations generally include cognitive, emotional/behavioral, personality, and projective assessments. The educational assessment includes a comprehensive cognitive and educational assessments as well as any applicable behavioral/emotional assessments. 


Dr. Johnson offers off-site speaking opportunities to organizations, agencies, and churches. She has provided seminars and trainings addressing work related stress, burnout, workplace bullying, depression in the elderly, and parenting support to a branch of a federal agency, church groups, the Fulton County clerks office of Georgia, childcare centers, and various moms groups.

Clinical Supervision

License-eligible clinicians are provided with documented weekly supervision for a reasonable fee. Please contact the office for more information.

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Dr. Johnson uses HIPPA compliant software, ZOOM, to provide individual therapy session via your electronic device (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.). This service is provided to anyone who is comfortable with this format. Please check with you insurance provider to ensure this is covered under your plan or be prepared to pay the out-of-pocket fee.

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