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Community Assistance With...

COVID - 19 Pandemic

Our world is facing unprecedented times in 2020. Many countries have been plagued by the corona virus and are struggling to obtain control, the US is not exception. Georgia has been a hotspot for the virus for a majority of the this past year. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed our lives in 2020. As we approach the year anniversary of the US shutdown, many of our circumstances have not changed much. Some of us are still working from, children are being taught virtually, and many religious and recreational centers are closed are offer limited in-person contact. CAPS-Atlanta sought to make some aspect of life easier by offering individual therapy and other services (at no cost to the client) to those who contracted and experienced difficulties related to the corona virus. This was an effort to allow a safe and no stress space to cope with what life was giving out. CAPS-Atlanta sought out grants and other funding to be able to provide these services and will continue to seek out funding to support this effort. If you are someone you know could benefit from this service, contact our office to inquire about availability.

Federal Workers' Furlough 

As a psychologist, I have encounter several clients that are struggling to meet their necessary copays for therapy, doctor visits, and prescription refills during their undetermined unpaid employment (with working or leave) due to the federal government shutdown and resulting furloughs. Mental health will inadvertently take a back seat to paying rent/mortgage, eating, transportation, children's needs, and other primary needs during this time. However, neglecting mental health can have a devastating impact on one's life well after financial situations have improved. This is my way of giving back to those that are temporarily in need. Raised funds are available to any federal employee that could benefit from it (documented proof required).

As of 01/23/19, two furloughed federal workers have been aided with prescriptions, therapy copays, and transportation.

This campaign was discontinued on January 25, 2019, when the furlough ended.

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